How to use OTG and memory card?

Update Time: 2019-07-16 17:36:10

1. Background

Many users are dealing with large-capacity files while using the phone, and the mobile phone cannot satisfy or occupy too much mobile phone memory. Therefore, many mobile phone users choose to meet these requirements through external devices, such as: using OTG and memory cards.

OTG: On-The-Go, it is mainly used for connection and data exchange between various devices or mobile devices.
SD-card: A storage medium for digital products such as phones, usually in the form of a card.

2. The specific settings of the mobile phone connected OTG.

The USB connector types of realme phone: Micro USB and Type-C, so users need to prepare OTG corresponding to their mobile phones.

A. Path: settings-->other settings-->open the OTG connection switch.

B. Connect the OTG then insert the USB flash disk, OTG storage will appear in the "File Management", then you can transfer the file.


C. In addition, OTG can connect external devices such as mouse and keyboard.
D. How to remove OTG?

1) It is not possible to manually turn off the OTG switch during using.
2) Manually remove the OTG, the file transfer will be interrupted, and the OTG switch will not be automatically turned off within 10 minutes.
3) In addition to turning off the OTG in the settings, pull down the status bar to view the notification bar interface, and click "Tap to remove the USB device safely."


3. realme mobile phone support storage devices.

realme phones have a lot of ways to expand storage capacity. In addition to using OTG to connect external storage devices (USB flash disk, etc.), you can also insert a memory card into your phone (realme X does not supported).
The memory card has the same capacity as the USB flash drive. Users can select the memory card within the capacity specifications supported by the realme mobile phone, such as 4G, 8G, 16G, 32G, 64G, and 128G.

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