How to Deal with Hanging Issues of Smart Device?

Update Time: 2019-07-09 20:53:12

1. Phenomenon

   1. 460 or dropped frames when playing games, resulting in operational errors in a critical battle.

   2. When watching the video, the phone cannot play or the video stays on a certain screen.

   3. Playing the phone while charging, even if the network and mobile phone.


2. User scene

    1. When playing games.

    2. Play mobile phone while charging.

    3. When watching the video for a long time.

3. Reasons


3.1 Phone configuration.

The hardware of the mobile phone can't keep up with the software requirements, and the software is getting updated, causing the hardware can not to keep up with the software in configuration.

The aging of mobile phone hardware; if the mobile phone is not turned off, it is equivalent to operating 24 hours a day, excessive loss.

Some users often brush the machine, often clearing the memory condition, resulting in faster memory aging.

3.2 System Optimization.

Running too much in the background.

The android system is open source, after the phone has been used for a certain period of time, it generates too many cache files, which affects the smoothness of the mobile phone and increases the performance burden of the phone.


4. Solution

 4.1 Click one-click optimization to perform background cleaning to ensure sufficient running memory.




 4.2 Enter the mobile phone housekeeper, reduce the number of applications   allowed in the startup management, associated startup management Click Phone Manager - Permission Privacy - Self-Start Management.







4.3 Use mobile phone butler to clean up some files and applications that are not commonly used to ensure that there is enough running memory.


4.4 Playing the mobile phone while charging will increase the mobile phone. In order to reduce the excessive heat of the phone, the mobile phone will automatically reduce the performance.


4.5 Check if the phone or software is the latest version, it is recommended to update to the latest version.


4.6 Switching Network.

4.6 It is recommended to reboot phone once a week.



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