What if the USB network sharing failed?

Update Time: 2019-06-29 09:29:59

This information is applicable to realme devices with USB shared network capabilities.

If you encounter a USB network share failure, it is recommended to perform the following steps to connect:

1. Please connect to the computer with the original USB data cable. The USB connection mode is selected as “charge only”.
2. Open the phone and drop down the search and enter "USB Sharing Network".
3. Click on the USB shared network to open the USB shared network switch.


Description of the USB shared network function:

1. When sharing a mobile network via USB, the phone will not be used as a USB storage device.
2. Must ensure that the computer driver is installed properly.
3. When using the USB shared network mode, you must open the data connection or connect to WIFI and the mobile phone must be able to access the Internet, otherwise the computer cannot access the Internet.
4. The traffic consumption of the computer Internet access is higher than that of the mobile phone. If you share a mobile data network to your computer, it is recommended to use this feature when the mobile phone has sufficient traffic.

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