What if the Data traffic is not available online?

Update Time: 2019-07-16 17:41:07

This information is applicable to all the realme devices.

There are many factors affecting the mobile phone, which may be caused by incorrect phone settings, carrier network failure, phone card arrears or damage, etc. It is recommended that you perform the following troubleshooting:

1. The phone settings are incorrect:

1) The data service switch is not turned on: slide down from the status bar, open the notification panel, open the mobile data switch, and try to access the Internet.
2) Connected to the WLAN hotspot and the hotspot cannot connect to the network: When both WLAN and mobile data are enabled at the same time, the mobile phone defaults to the WLAN network by default, such as the WLAN network is abnormal.
3) Check if the traffic limit is set:Settings - Dual SIM & Mobile Network - Daily Traffic Alert to confirm if today's usage traffic exceeds the set limit.
4) Mobile phone network setting problem: Pull down the notification panel, press and hold the mobile data to enter the mobile network interface, click SIM card - access point name (APN), and then click Reset to reset the access point.


2. Carrier network failure:

1) If the mobile phone used by the people around you is generally unable to use mobile data to access the Internet, it is recommended that you contact the carrier for processing.
2) Unofficial cards may be interrupted, billing is not allowed, and fees are not paid, resulting in failure to access the Internet. It is recommended to handle it on the official website of the operator or virtual operator.


3. Mobile phone card arrears or damage:

1) Mobile phone card arrears: Please call the operator to check if the mobile phone card is in arrears. If you have already owed the fee, please pay the fee and restart the mobile phone to try to recover.
2) Use a non-standard SIM card or cut the card yourself. Clipping the card may cause the SIM card to fail to recognize or damage the phone. It is recommended that you go to the business hall to get the original standard nano-SIM card.

In addition, the use of metal / gold-plated protective shell will also affect the signal reception of mobile phones, it is recommended not to use. If the above steps do not solve your problem, please go to the nearby realme service center for testing.

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