What if you have No sound or low sound during calls?

Update Time: 2019-07-16 17:38:51

This information is applicable to all the realme devices.

If you are experiencing a problem with silent calls and low voice, we recommend that you do the following troubleshooting:

1. It is recommended to restart the phone.
2. Go to [Settings] -->[Sound and Vibration] to adjust the volume of the ringtone and media.
3. Confirm whether there is a mistake in the call during the call.
4. Please ensure that the earpiece is not blocked by foreign objects such as protective shells.
5. When talking, please turn on the speaker. If the sound is normal after turning on the speaker, it is recommended to apply for after-sales; if the sound is still small after turning on the speaker, there may be a problem with the network or receiving. Please try again later or change the local call.
6. If you can't hear the sound through the phone's speaker, please plug in the earphone. If you can hear the sound through the earphone, please unplug the earphone and clear the dust or debris in the phone's earphone port.
7. If it appears on the three-party software, it is recommended to uninstall the reload, or check the relevant settings of the software.

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