What are the Reasons for the Lack of Storage Space of Mobile Phones and Solutions?

Update Time: 2019-07-04 16:01:38

This is applicable to all the realme devices.

Here it is mentioned 8 points to know the detail about the lack of storage space:

1. Click File Management - Category View - File Cleanup - View and check the folders that occupy a large space, click to start cleaning up the files.
2. Enter the mobile phone application - all - open the program that is running or installed, all pages, click to clear the data, release the phone storage space.
3. On the file management - the storage of commonly used files to delete, release the phone body storage space.
4. Backup mobile phone data (phone book and SMS, etc.), enter the Recovery mode interface after shutdown, select Chinese simplified, click to clear data and cache, restart the phone.
5. If the mobile phone notification bar indicates that the storage space of the mobile phone is insufficient, please drop down the status bar and click the prompt content to enter the clean video, music and other files.
6. If the prompt is insufficient when installing the software, please select the memory card/user space/phone storage in Settings--General--Memory Card and Phone Memory/Storage--Preferred Installation Location--Change the software installation location (some models do not Support this operation).
7. Press and hold the software icon on the desktop, and click the “X” icon on the icon to uninstall the less commonly used software.
8. Regularly save files on storage devices such as computers and mobile hard disks. You can also upload them to the cloud photo album to save and increase the available capacity of the mobile phone storage body. If there is insufficient space for the mobile phone memory card, delete the non-important files of the memory card, or replace the storage card.

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