What if you are facing Button failure / stuck in the middle of something?

Update Time: 2019-12-12 17:59:28

This is for applicable to all the realme devices.

Phone button stuck / button inelastic / button is not sensitive Cause:

The buttons are precision parts, and the button feel has been rigorously checked before leaving the factory to ensure that the overall feel you receive is in line with the quality requirements of the shipment.
If you inadvertently spill the beverage into the gap of the button during daily use, the viscous foreign matter left behind will eject the button and the side wall of the button hole or be stuck between the button and the button hole. Eventually, the button is stuck, does not rebound, is insensitive, inelastic, and does not move.



Use a wet wipe to press the button a little and quickly wipe it, wipe the seam around the button, and press the button while rubbing it.
If it can't be solved after the above methods are processed, it is recommended to contact realme customer service for consultation.

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