What If the Screen is Abnormal or Give Poor Response?

Update Time: 2019-06-21 19:31:56

This is applicable to all the realme devices.

If your mobile phone displays abnormalities such as cold, warm, and no display, you can refer to the following solutions:

1. The display color is cold / warmer.

In order to better represent the color of the characters, in line with the aesthetic preferences of most users, our screens are warmer in color under a pure white background, which will make people look more realistic and have better color effects. It is normal and please feel free to use them. But you can still set the screen color according to your personal preferences in the system settings, set the path: Settings - Display and Brightness - Screen color temperature adjustment.

2. Bright spots, dark spots, bright lines, dark lines, stains, etc.

When the screen displays any content, if there are bright spots/dark spots/stains in the fixed position, the effect of foreign matter in the film can be removed first. If the film is not filmed or the film is still abnormal after removal, it is recommended to contact realme customer service. deal with.

3. Part does not display or does not display at all.

When not displaying at all, please try charging for half an hour and then press the power button + volume up button to restart the device. If it fails to start, please go to the nearby realme service center for testing. .
If the part is not displayed, you can try to eliminate the influence of the software settings. First backup the mobile phone data, then restore the phone to the factory settings and update the mobile phone system. If it cannot be solved, it is recommended to contact realme customer service for consultation.


4. Use some third-party applications to display incomplete and abnormal.

It is recommended that you update the third-party application version and mobile phone software version;

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