How to navigate the Assistive Ball feature?

Update Time: 2019-05-23 10:29:26

This is applicable for all the realme devices.

1. Features

Assistive ball, a shortcut to operate your phone. The specific performance is a "white circle" that can be suspended in any interface.

2. Settings Path

Path: [Settings] --> [Convenient Aid] --> [Assistive Ball].

3. Settings

1) Gesture Operations : Tap(Back), Double(Multitasking), Touch and Hold(Home)

It can be changed the effect achieved by gestures according to their own habits. In addition to returning to the previous level, returning to the desktop, and multitasking, also users can set the effect as Notification Center, Lockscreen, One-Hand Mode, Screenshot, None.



Tap Menu : Back, Screenshot, Multitasking, Lockscreen & Home. Users can change the effect achieved by gestures according to their own habits. You can touch the icon if you want to change. 



Transparency of the assistive ball when idling.

Auto Hide in Full ScreenWhen the Assistive Ball is hidden, user can pull down from the top edge to show it again.


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