How to add and delete the fingerprint passcode in your realme device?

Update Time: 2019-05-09 13:21:17

This information is applicable for all the realme devices.

Fingerprint recognition is to identify the ID by the fingerprintsits biggest advantage is safe and convenientfast recognitioneasy to operate with reliabilitybecause all the fingers don't have the same texture, so there is basically no mis-identification probability, at present, fingerprint recognition is the most used method of security authentication.


二. Using fingerprint

 (1) Before adding fingerprintsyou need to create a passcode for your phoneSettings-->Fingerprint,Face & Passcode-->Fingerprint-->Create password-->Add a Fingerprint
  (2) Follow the instructions on the screen, gently place your finger on the home button, until the fingerprint is recorded.



If you need to enroll other possible fingers, repeat steps (1) and (2)

Delete the fingerprint

⑴ Settings-->Fingerprint,Face & Passcode-->Fingerprint-->Input create password-->Click on the fingerprint you added.

(2) Click [Delete Fingerprint] Or delete the fingerprint name and click [Delete Fingerprint].


 Can be used.

  1. Unlockuse your fingerprint to unlock your phone screen.

  2. Application encryptionuse fingerprint to unlock any application that is encryptedSettings-->Security-->App Encrption.

  3. Private safe: use your fingerprint to unlock private files(Settings-->Security-->Private Safe).

  4. Paycan use fingerprints for payment.


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