How to Click Pictures in Burst Mode and its Benefits?

Update Time: 2019-05-07 04:57:52

This is applicable to all the realme devices.


Do you want to click multiple pictures of the same shot? Yes, this mode is called “Burst Mode”, where you can have multiple shots. Don’t get puzzled here you have the simple steps to go ahead along with the advantage of this feature.


1.Open the camera> Choose and hold the click button> now you can see the number of shots is increasing up till 20 shots at a time.


*Remark: You will get 10 shots at a time in realme 3 Pro, wherein realme1, realme U1, realme C1, realme 2, realme 2 Pro & realme 3 you can capture 20 shots at a time.


You can check all the shots by choosing the “Photos” application. This option will benefit you to have the best click out of 10-20 clicks. Now the point is when and where to use this feature.


A.When you are clicking the moving object. To avoid the shaky shots or to get the perfect one out of all you can prefer  the “Burst Mode.” The main motive of Burst Mode is to capture the successive motion. Like; Sports Photography or any moving activity.


The photographer can arrange and select the best shot among all the clicks.

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