How to make new ColorOS updates in your realme Smart device?

Update Time: 2019-03-01 14:36:40

Learn how to update your realme phone to the latest software version.
Applicable for all realme Smartphones.


Check if your software version is up to date?


Go to [Setttings] > [Software Updates] and you can see if  your software version is up to date.



Update software


The benefits of system updates include:


1. Optimizing the system performance.
2. Prolonging your battery life.
3. Developing compatibility with more third-party apps.
4. Enhancing the system stability.

Update your realme Smartphone.
There are four ways to update your device.





1. Back up your data before update.
2. Plug your realme phone into power, or keep the battery level over 40%.
3. The update process takes some time. Do not operate or power off your device during the process.
4. Do not root the phone yourself, for that might cause damage to your system, and the warranty service will be terminated immediately.



 Update your realme phone wirelessly


1. Connect to a working Wi-Fi or Mobile network. The system will automatically show new update, if any. You can see a notification on the "System Updates" icon, otherwise it will show "It is already the latest version."




2. Download the firmware. Download under a Wi-Fi network to avoid the consumption of your mobile data.

3. Click [System Updates]. Your device will reboot and start updating, which will take a few minutes. 

Update with SD Card (Recovery Update)

Update with SD card is mainly used if the phone freezes at a certain interface or realme logo, or can't boot but can get into Recovery Mode.

Go to realme Official website > click Support > Software Updates , download the firmware to the root directory of your SD Card (A root directory is the top-most directory in SD Card file systems) . Insert your SD card, then power off the phone.

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