How to handle the charging issue in the realme device?

Update Time: 2019-04-04 20:12:06

Learn the normal charging issue.

1. Always recommend the original charger.
2. Cross check different charger or different phone to confirm whether it is a problem of charger or the phone.


Not charge

1. Try with another charger/USB cable or socket.
2. Please back up all of your data, clear the cache and flash to the latest OS version.


Interrupted charging

1. If you are using computer plus USB cable or power bank, advice to use original charger.
2. Change another charger/USB cable, replug the USB or socket.


Charge slowly or not charging fully.

1. Check the environment temperature, too high (45°- 53°) or too low (-3°- 0°) may cause to charge slowly or not to charge full.
2. Please don't operate the phone when charging, clear background Apps /tasks.
3. Change the charger and update software, if the problem still persists, send for repair.



Error while charging

1. Error with high/low voltage:
2. Check if you are using the wrong standard charger /power bank.
3. Error with high/low temp:
4. Clear background apps/tasks, cache and change the charging place.



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