How to Save more Battery with Smart Power Saver?

Update Time: 2019-02-28 17:53:40

Learn how to maximize your battery life through smart power saver.
Applicable for ColorOS 5.2 device. Check your ColorOS version in [Settings] > [About phone].


Optimize the power of your battery and manage those apps and settings that used up the most power.  Know how to save more power so you can use it especially when it is most needed.

To enable Smart Power Saver, go to [Settings] > [Battery] > toggle [Smart Power Saver (Recommended)] to green to enable.



When the Optimization is needed?

When issue or issues are found, then it will prompt you that optimization is recommended. Just click on Save Power and check those that needed optimization, click Lengthen Battery Life, and then click Done when finished. (Note: Expected usage will be shown but this still depends on the usage and running apps on the background).



Other Power Saving features of Battery

Power Saving.

When this is enabled, the system will close some background apps to pause functions such as auto-sync. It will also reduce screen brightness, turn off vibrate, and would be displaying the battery icon in blue. To enable, just toggle [Power Saving] to green.

Smart Power Saver (Recommended).
This will intelligently identify the running status of Apps when enabled. Just toggle [Smart Power Saver (Recommended)] to green to enable.            



Custom Power Saver
You can customize apps that will intelligently identify the running status of Apps when enabled. Just click on Custom Power Saver, choose an app then click Intelligently Restrict Background Running (Recommended).



Power Consumption Details.
This will show you the apps, settings or features that consumed the most power. You can check Today, Yesterday, and 2 Days ago for consumption details.



Smart power saving scenarios.
This will smartly judge scenes of usage and applies different power saving strategies like sensing when you might be sleeping. Click Smart power saving scenarios, the toggle Sleeping Mode to green.




Show battery percentage on the status bar.
If you want to see how much battery is left just enable this feature by toggling [Show battery percentage on the status bar] to green to enable.


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