Do you have Difficulty to enroll fingerprint or unlock through light sense screen fingerprint?

Update Time: 2019-04-29 00:33:39

Applicable for realme devices

With the launch of realme smart devices, it introduced the high-tech technology of unlocking by light sense screen fingerprint for the first time. When enjoying its convenience, you may also find some troubles in unlocking by light sense screen fingerprint.



How it usually works?


The light sense screen fingerprint feature of realme devices usually based from the amounts of light reflected by the lines (ridges or valleys) of your fingerprints.  Therefore, a fingerprint image is formed through the optical sensor by the light that is automatically released from the screen and through the reflections of the screen and lens.


Cannot enroll fingerprint

1. Cannot enroll fingerprint

If fingerprint cannot be enrolled, we recommend to send your phone to realme Service Center for professional maintenance engineer’s help. Before going, please back up important personal data, carry invoice and warranty card and remove accessories. For finding the nearest Service Center, you can go to realme official website > Support > Service Center.


2. Difficult to enroll fingerprint

Change to a place without strong sunlight, since interfere the light released by screen to identify your fingerprint. If not working, please send your phone to realme Service Center for detection.


Difficult to verify

1. Situations of difficult verification
Sometimes, it would be difficult to verify fingerprint to unlock screen by light sense screen fingerprint feature after your wake up in the morning, in dry environment and cold places. If your fingers are dry, blow some air to fingers or rub hands for a better unlocking effect.




      normal status                        dry fingerprint                      extreme dry fingerprint

2. Probabilistic unlock failure

Change to an original realme protector film and then enroll fingerprint. If there is more than one finger enrolled, re-enroll a clear one.

Unlock accidentally

1.If there is problem of unlocking accidentally, please check and then re-enroll fingerprint.
2.Using third-party phone protective film (not original from realme) will affect the optical path to form fake features of a fingerprint that cause accidental unlock. We recommend to replace with an original realme protector film and re-enroll a fingerprint.
3.If problem still exists, please go to realme Service Center for detection and alignment.


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