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Update Time: 2019-04-23 10:54:32

Smart assistant maximizes the use of your camera. Just one snap and you’ll get tons of information just by mere clicking the camera button or Optical character recognition (OCR).  It's now a lot easier and smarter to Scan documents, Scan & translate images and texts, Scan namecard to be saved on your contacts, and translate photos to make travel and life more convenient.



Open Smart Assistant. Go to [Settings] > [Smart & Convenient] and turn on [Smart Assistant]. Or swipe right from the left edge of the home screen, then click Turn on Smart Assistant.


Scan Document

Click  to launch Smart Scan app and open this feature directly. This can translate English, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Hindi, and Chinese languages. Choose the Language you want. Aim at the document that you would like to scan then click   to start the process.

Once scanning is done you can do the following to the image:

Adjust the range

Using your finger/s, move the four circles on the side of the image.


Optimized Image

You can choose from Auto, Enhanced, Mono, or the Original Picture you’ve taken. Once done, click Save Picture.
You may also Click Recognize Text if you want it translated.  Click Retake if you want to scan again and click Copy Text if you want to paste the text someplace else.


Scan & Translate

Click  to launch Smart Scan app and open this feature directly. This only available for English to Hindi and vice versa. You can translate each word or phrases as long as it will fit on the frame that’s provided.  You can listen to the pronunciation by clicking  .

You can also lock the word so it won’t read other words/phrases. Choose click and you will be able to lock and unlock word or phrases. You will see a padlock in the center of the frame once a word is locked.


Photo Translate

Once translation has been made, you can Retake, Listen (), maximize the page (), or copy the text ( ) if you want to.. Translation Results or see the Retake and Smart Scan will start to recognize the texts. You can either. This is also called Shoot & Translate. Click  to launch Smart Scan app and open this feature directly. This only available for English to Hindi and vice versa. Aim at anything that you would like to translate then click.

Scan namecard

Click  to launch Contacts app and open this feature directly. Before scanning the business card or namecard, click  for the namecard recognition language. Make sure to fit the namecard or business card on the frame.
Click to start recognizing the namecard or business card and all information will directly be stored on your Contacts app then click Save.

You also have an option to do Continuous Shooting, open Photos app if a namecard or business card is saved there, or use the flashlight if area to scan is dimly lit.

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