Grab the Knowledge About the ColorOS 5.2 Features and Become a Smart User...

Update Time: 2019-03-08 12:51:12

Learn about new features of ColorOS 5.2 and make the most out of your phone.
Applicable for ColorOS 5.2 device. Check your ColorOS version in [Settings] > [About phone].

With ColorOS 5.2, new designs and capabilities make your phone not only work intelligently, but also bring along with good user experience. The powerful AI chip helps your phone to understand images and recognize people, objects, and scenes. The Smart Assistant lets you get things done more intuitively and conveniently. ColorOS 5.2 cares what you care, and let the phone make sense of your life.


Smart Sidebar

It's multitasking at its best, where you’ll have quick access with your favorite Apps and Tools. This enables to switch between Apps, transfer files, reply messages, or take screenshots when playing a game or watching a video.

There are 3 available slots and tools to choose from Screenshot, Screen Recording and Block Banners. 18 Apps are available to be added on the Smart Sidebar. You can add them all or just select the one you like to show.



New Features of Smart Assistant.

Smart assistant maximizes the use of your camera. Just one snap and you’ll get tons of information just by mere clicking the camera button or Optical character recognition (OCR). It's now a lot easier and smarter to Scan documents, Scan & translate images and texts, Scan name card to be saved on your contacts and translate photos to make travel and life more convenient.




Game Space

Game Space holds all your favorite games in one place making it easy to find game that you would want to play. They will be gathered in one application which serves as a hub so it wouldn't be scattered around your home screen. You would enjoy Game Space Sidebar and Graphics Acceleration on all these games added. Click  to add games that you’ve downloaded and then toggle to green the game that you want to transfer to Game Space.




Customizing Timer for the Clock App

You can now set a timer or countdown for activities that you usually do. You don't need to manually set it each time you’ll do something. You can simply save it on the timer and click Start when you are ready.

There are 3 available activities by default. To change it, choose the activity you want to change and then click Edit at the top-right portion. You can add up to 12 activities on the timer and you can change timer’s name to emoji’s as well.



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