What are the Impact after Rooting your realme Device?

Update Time: 2019-05-01 10:29:33

What is Rooting?


Rooting is a term used to get the administrator’s authority. You can back up system, modify system procedure, visit or modify files of your phone and use advanced procedure like Root Explorer.

Impact on your realme phone after rooting.


1. Rooting your phone would cause unknown malfunctions, be prudent to it.
2. The software cannot be updated after rooting the phone.
3. If checked by Service Center that your phone is rooted, it may affect the warranty service.

How to restore from rooting?

We suggest you to back up the important data, bring your mobile phone, invoice and warranty card, and go to realme Service Center for our professional maintenance engineer’s help.

***Kindly note that there might be possible charges depending on the inspection result.


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