How to cool down your realme smartphone?

Update Time: 2019-02-28 09:53:43

Learn what to do if your phone gets too warm.
Applicable for ColorOS 5.2. Check your ColorOS version in [Settings] > [About phone].

It is normal for your phone to get warm when using, but once the phone gets too warm, you should pinpoint why it is overheating and follow this guide to fix that.


Remove the phone case

When you charge the battery or use the phone for too long of a time, the phone might get warm. Remove any case the phone may be in.

If the phone gets hot during standby period.

You can disable unneeded features that seem to cause your phone to heat up.
•Open Control Center, then click or go to [Settings] > [Display & Brightness] then, turn on Auto-Brightness.


  • Turn off GPS, 

  • Go to [Settings] > [Accounts and Sync] and turn off Auto-sync Data. This will stop apps to synchronize with Google server or other servers automatically.



  • Click Menu button > Image to close all active apps.


  • Check if there are large files being downloaded. If yes, pause downloads until the phone cools down.

If the phone gets hot during use.

  • Too many apps running in the foreground or background results in overloaded processor, which makes the phone unable to dissipate heat timely. To manage these apps, go to [Settings] > [Battery] and set up [Power Saving],and for some models,can open the [Screen Battery Optimization].

When playing games or watching videos

Playing games and watching videos constantly requires more work from the phones processor and not only can it consume a lot of power but it can cause the phone to get warmer over time. You need to stop using the phone and let it rest for a while.

When calling or using the Internet

If your phone is in a poor mobile network, the phone will increase transmitter power to have a massive data interaction with nearby base stations, which will also lead the processor to run in overload and have no time to cool down. It is recommended to make phone calls or using the Internet in an area with a strong signal.

If the phone gets hot during charging

It's normal for the phone to slightly get warm during charging, but once the interior temperature of the phone exceeds the normal operating range, stop charging immediately and let the phone cool down.

If the phone gets hot all by itself

If the phone gets hot although you're not using it or it's not charging, you can factory reset the phone. , then go to [Settings] > [Additional Settings] > [Back up and rest], reset your phone to factory settings and see if you fixed the issue.

* Any reset option cannot be revoked once it is operated.

1. Restart and update the phone.

2. Restart the phone, and make sure you have .

* Pictures, settings and paths might differ from those of your phone, but that do not affect the description in this article.



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