What About Recovery Mode in realme phone?

Update Time: 2019-04-13 19:02:03

Learn more information about Recovery Mode.
Applicable for all realme smartphones.


What is Recovery Mode?

Recovery Mode is also called ColorOS Recovery. It's a system boot mode under ColorOS system. When the phone stops functioning properly in certain cases (such as fails to restart or switch off, update the system,  or check disk), the user can fix the issues under Recovery Mode.

Use Recovery Mode.

Once the phone turns off, press and hold both the Power and Volume Down buttons, until the phone enters the Recovery Mode.


Select your language first, then continue with the following operations:

1. [Update the system under Recovery Mode]
2. Go to Software Updates and download the firmware to the root directory of your SD Card (A root directory is a top-most directory in SD Card file systems).
3. Insert your SD card, then power off the phone.
4. Press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons, until your phone enters Recovery Mode.
5. Under the Recovery Mode, you need to click on [Install from storage device] > [Install from SD], find the update package.

*  Before updating the system.

* Please connect your charger with the phone. If the battery of the device is 40% or below.

* System will take 3-5 mins for the update. Do not try to turn off  your phone during the operation.


[Wipe data]

Before performing the [wipe data] always take  of your device because once you wipe the device data cannot be restored.

* All your application data will be wiped (except SMS, Contacts and Photos).

[Reboot] and [Power off]

Click [Reboot] or [Power off] when your Realme phone won't turn on or off.

[Check disk]

Click [Check disk] to detect your phone disk for outlier or damage data, which usually takes 1-3 mins.

[Version info]

It shows the current version of Recovery Mode, such as [Ver 1.2].

* Pictures, settings and paths might differ from those of your phone, but that do not affect the description in this article.


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