How to Minimize Screen Damage?

Update Time: 2019-05-14 20:40:24

Learn more about excellence of realme original cases and high-definition screen protector
Applicable for all realme smartphone.

Phone Case.

1. An specially designed, original transparent phone case comes with the realme phone.

2. It is tested thousands of times then improved and elaborated before being displayed in front of users.

3. Realme phone case is made from TPU, which is flexible and smooth and guarantees the quality of wear resistance and oxidation resistance.

4. Realme phone cases are produced with molds built with real Realme phone, and tested with real Realme phone as well. All this makes sure that every hole site of key and port minutely.

5. Realme phone case can provide strong protection to your phone, minimize the damage caused by fall, shock, extreme temperature, liquid invasion, dust invasion, etc.

* Evidence shows that realme phone case can reduce the probability of screen damage, cover scratch, distortion, or any other damages.


High-definition Clear Screen Protector.

Every realme phone is equipped with an original HD clear screen protector. It is made from PET material with multiple complicated processes.Realme performs a trial and error approach to make it. Therefore, it perfectly fits the angles and radians of the screen without blocking the camera or the light sensor. Moreover, the screen protector can prevent the screen from stains, grease, finger prints, etc.

Besides that, realme screen protector can ensures high-definition and sensitiveness of screen. It also minimize the probability of screen scratch or damage in case the phone falls.

We recommend our customers to use the original case and screen protector.



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