What If your realme phone restarts or turns off by itself?

Update Time: 2019-02-28 17:51:40

Learn how to do if your phone restarts or turns off by itself.
Applicable for all realme smartphones.


If your phone restarts or turns off by itself frequently, check the following steps:

1. Remove the phone case.
2. Remove your phone case if there’s one, otherwise your phone’s buttons might get stuck.
3. Check the ambient temperature.
4. Your phone might restart or turn off by itself when being used in a very cold or hot environment.
5. Check SIM and SD cards.
6. Take out the, check if it isn’t damaged or degaussing, then put the card back in and see if you fixed the issue.
7. Take out the SD card to exclude SD card virus issue.
8. Check and charge the battery.
9. Plug in your phone and let it charge for 30 minutes, then force restart your phone and see if you fixed the issue.

* The battery will lose its capacity over time, thus cause the phone to turn itself off.

* If your phone has a removable battery, remove and reinstall it. Make sure the battery contact is good.

* If your phone’s battery is worn out or aging, contact local realme customer service center to replace the battery.


Check phone settings.

1. For ColorOS 5.2 and above, go to [Settings] > [Additional Settings] > [Automatic On/Off] and check if your phone had been set up to turn off on a specific time.

2. Go to [Settings] > [System updates],  and update your phone to .

* DO NOT root your phone yourself, for that might affect phone’s system performance, and the warranty service will be terminated.


Clear caches and junk files.

Close unused background applications and clear caches and junk files to free up the storage space.

* If your phone won’t turn on, press and hold both the Power and Volume Down buttons, until your phone enters . Then clear data and cache.


Security scanning.

Go to [Security Center] > [Virus scan], scan for viruses, malicious plug-ins or programs and uninstall unsafe or unstable third-party applications.

Get more help.

1. If problems occur when an application is in use, uninstall the application to see if you fixed the issue.

2. Make sure that the problem is not caused by incorrect operations such as mistakenly touch and press the Power Button.

* Pictures, settings, and paths might differ from those of your phone, but that do not affect the description in this article.

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