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Blur images in camera night mode

Update Time: 2023-06-09 18:09:46

In a dark environment, the night photos taken by the night mode are not clear enough and the effect is poor.


1. In a night or dark environment, the exposure time of the camera is long when using the night mode, and the camera ISO speed needs to be adjusted. If it is low, the photos may be black, and if it is high, the photos may be noisy; in addition, the camera shakes during shooting will also cause the problem of unclear shooting.

2. The dark environment needs a certain amount of light when shooting, such as outdoor starlight and street lights. The photos taken at night in the dark indoor environment may be completely black or very dark. In the case of complete no light or low brightness, the photosensitive range of the phone is exceeded and the image cannot be imaged.

3. In the night scene mode, when shooting objects with large light contrast, in order to ensure the brightness of the picture, the phone will use multiple frames of pictures with short to long exposure time to synthesize the final picture. If you stop shooting early, the phone will only receive the first few frames with very short exposure time, and the final composite image will be darker, making the shot not good.


1. Please clean the Camera lens with a cotton cloth or glasses cloth.

2. Please tap on Screen to focus on the image.

3. It is recommended that you switch to Pro mode, manually adjust the sensitivity (ISO) and shutter speed (S) in night mode, and try to use a tripod to stabilize the camera to prevent camera shake.

4. It is recommended that you extend the shooting time to achieve a good shooting effect. Click the position you want to shoot to focus, keep the phone steady after taking a photo, and move the phone after the photo is displayed in the lower left corner.

5. When shooting night scenes, ensure a good light source environment (such as outdoor starlight, moonlight, street lights, etc.).

Recommended shooting scenes: street scenes, urban train tracks, high-rise buildings;

Not recommended for shooting scenes: indoor or close-up environment without light source or single light source, poor lighting environment

6. Please clear the cache to try again.

For all realme UIs: Long-press the Camera > App info > Camera > Storage & cache > Clear storage/Clear cache 

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