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How to solve problem of unstable mobile phone signal no signal poor signal

Update Time: 2022-01-04 16:27:03

1. Whether a magnetic protective shell, metal protective shell, magnetic bracket or magnetic chuck is used. The metal shell and magnetic shell will cause the signal of the mobile phone to deteriorate, resulting in slow Internet speed. It is recommended to try to access the Internet after removing it.
2. Moving the current location, indoor closed environment will cause poor signal.
3. For network coverage reasons, there will be differences in the operator's network coverage. Compare the signal strength of the mobile phone of the same operator to determine whether it is caused by the network coverage.
4. Check whether the SIM card is damaged and dirty. Insert the SIM card into another mobile phone to check the network status. If the signal is still not good, it is recommended that you go to the operator’s business hall to replace the SIM card.
If none of the above operations can solve your problem, it is recommended to go to a nearby service center for inspection.
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