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After-sale care for epidemic

  1. Introduction:

Due to the impact of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in order to ensure the safety of realme users, reduce travel, and at the same time ensure realme's after-sales service experience, we have formulated the following solutions to overcome the difficulties together.


  1. Program content:

1.refund service:

From March 23, the validity of refund and replacement will be extended for two months. If the user cannot submit the application immediately due to the epidemic situation, you can apply for this in the next two months.

Example: If your refund deadline is March 28, you can apply for refund before May 28.

  1. non-official website purchase on the official website replacement

At the same time, provide direct replacement services on the official website for phones purchased from all official channels, reducing your travel and avoiding contact. You need ship your phone to service center and then you can replace your phone directly through our official website. You don't need to go to the sale store to replace your phone. For the specific operation process, please refer to Part III. Please contact the service center for help.


3non-official website purchase on the official website replacement process

  1. The service center will keep your phone and provide your information to us according to the following template.


email ID

model(color, version)






  1. The official website will send a zero purchase coupon to your mailbox. Please go through the normal purchase process of the official website and use the zero coupon to directly purchase a new phone for free.

Official website address:



1.Different national service centers are affected differently by the epidemic situation, please contact the service center to confirm the actual situation.

2.The above information will be updated in time according to the epidemic situation. Please pay attention to official channel information.

3.If in doubt, please contact

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